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        1. 四川節之源環保工程有限公司


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          Sichuan Energy Saving Environmental Engineering Co., LTD. is located in beautiful and prosperous Chengdu, the “Land of abundance”. The company is active in the environmental protection sector in China in terms of researching and developing technology, technical consulting service, equipment development and sales and general contracting. The company has a number of new environmental technologies and products and a management team with a domestic level of energy conservation including professor, senior engineer, master and doctor. Since the company was founded, it has achieved fully connecting with Shanghai Jiao Tong University, the Chinese Academy of Sciences of Shanghai high institute and Sichuan Agricultural University, ect. Sticking to the self-positioning as a technology company and the developing goal of “Exploit technology to turn pollution into cleanness, recolor the hills and rivers green together”, the company constantly innovates and enriches itself in the contents and forms of IUR integration, then starts a brand new innovating and developing path, and becomes an upcoming star in the industry of water environment treatment.

          Relying on the technical advantage of scientific research institutes in the field of environmental science and taking technical products including high efficiency magnet separation purifying equipment, water purification technology by superconducting magnetic separation,vertical filter cloth and chamber, micro-power magnet biofilm reactor, high efficiency catalytic oxidation, efficient water purification technology by MaBiP multistage dense-medium swirling flow,advanced treatment technology of CSCR activated coke adsorption. as its core, the company develops technical innovation and promotes application in the fields of emergency treatment of urban sewage, treatment upgrading and construction of municipal domestic sewage, treatment of rural domestic sewage by area, treatment of heavy metal wastewater , treatment of high-concentrated organic wastewater and advanced treatment of sludge. Its service scope covers electron, chemical engineering, electroplating, medicine, sanitation, food, drink, health product, biological engineering and urban sewage treatment in the modes of system integration, general contracting and trusteeship.

          While taking the responsibility of “Saving every possible energy”, adhering to the core value of “Technology leads to remarkable progress, concentration brings out win-win situation” and always sticking to the development consciousness of “Right understanding and right view, fair action and fair result”, the company will work together with the society to build a better place to live.


          公司依托科硏院校在環境科學領域的技術優勢,以超磁分離水體凈化技術、磁分離凈化廢水設備、MaBiP多級重介旋流水體凈化技術、 CSCR活性焦吸附過濾深度處理技術、豎片纖維濾布濾池、微動力磁生物膜反應器、催化氧化等技術產品為核心,在城鎮污水應急處理、城市生活污水處理提標改造、農村生活污水連片整治、重金屬廢水處理、高濃度有機廢水處理、污泥深度處理等領域開展技術創新和推廣應用,服務范圍以系統集成、工程總包與托管運營模式遍及電子、化工、電鍍、醫藥、衛生、食品、飲料、保健品、生物工程、城鎮廢水處理等多個行業和領域。



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